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Introduction to Rowsell Wright

Rowsell Wright is a leading provider of procurement consultancy services to public and private sector organisations within the construction industry in the UK and Europe. We have led the development of innovative procurement strategies and procedures for some of the largest transport infrastructure projects in Europe. Our services are based on extensive experience of the practical challenges of best practice procurement and the range of solutions that can be used to achieve value for money and efficiencies from project delivery.

In addition to developing innovative procurement solutions we have also developed an innovative approach to the delivery of our services. This involves the creation of Special Purpose Enterprises (SPE) to provide tailored and flexible services to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Rowsell Wright consultancy services are led by our Directors supported, as necessary, by a network of small companies, each being world-class in their area of expertise. The SPE approach makes best use of the expertise and high value available within small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and is line with Government policy to improve the utilisation of SMEs.


Construction Procurement and Advice.

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